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vengefulwitchmaster-deactivated asked: Do you know of any homosexual therapy that doesn't involve religion? I can't seem to find one and since I'm an Atheist I don't think it would be right for me to attend a faith-based therapy.


I don’t know of any homosexual therapy, religious or otherwise, foremost because I’m Russian and that was never a thing here (because homosexuality was simply a criminal offense in the Soviet times) unlike in the US where the clusterfuck of bastard-christian denominations do social projects and homosexual treatment programs left and right.

Provided ones homosexuality is of psychological origin the answer to it would be simply therapy, like psychoanalysis, albeit in the US most psychologists, I assume, are probably on the “gay okay" bandwagon so it might be a hassle to find someone that would actually legitimately spend time to figure shit out rather than have a fag "embrace" his faggotry.

If its a hormonal imbalance then some tests in that vein are required and then the doctors should provide the appropriate treatment.

Then again psychological conditioning is an answer as well.

Would suggest reading Jack Donovan’s Androphilia for an alternative look on homosexuality to LGBT faggotry. Beyond that simply enlightening oneself in traditional teachings can be of great help, provided one can overcome their modern world mentality and worldview.